Administrative Services


It is the responsibility of the Accreditation Manager to maintain the Department’s ongoing compliance standards of the Commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. In this regard, the manager has to monitor the changing Departmental policies and procedures to ensure that they are consistent with applicable standards. The manager must also coordinate the revision and development of the agency’s General Orders and update any and all directives.


The primary function of the fiscal management service of the Winchester Police Department is to coordinate and advise on the use of departmental resources in such a way that supports the overall mission of the agency and the Chief’s work plan. Specifically, they assist in the development and implementation of the department’s budget and monitor the spending for the entire agency. The division coordinates grant applications and establishes system controls to ensure compliance with prescribed awards criteria.

Fleet & Facilities

The Winchester Police Department has more than 74 vehicles assigned for its use. This requires a full time fleet manager whose responsibility it is to keep all the vehicles up and running and in good condition. There are 55 marked police cruisers, 14 unmarked detective vehicles, and numerous other vehicles that serve the needs of the police department.

It is the responsibility of the fleet manager to keep track of each of the vehicles maintenance schedules and tire rotations, as well as ensuring that any wrecked vehicles obtain the needed repairs.

Parking Tickets

The Winchester Police Department is responsible for the collection and adjudication of fines and fees resulting from the issuance of parking tickets.


The Winchester Police Department’s  3 certified polygraph examiners assist in the investigation of numerous felony crimes. Polygraph examiners are able to clear many innocent suspects from further suspicion. Additionally, examiners are able to develop information from numerous guilty parties which result in their arrest and conviction. Polygraphs are also conducted to assist with the employment process for various agencies within the City.