Bicycle Patrol

100_9968The Winchester Police Department Bicycle Patrol was formed in the spring of 1995. Bike Officers receive specialized training for using and riding bicycles to patrol areas that have high crime, drug problems, and anywhere that is difficult to access by marked patrol vehicles. The Bike Patrol is also utilized in many other ways such as parade escorts for celebrities and diplomats, traffic control, Bicycle Safety Classes for children, and other special events.

Bike Officers perform the same duties as officers in patrol cars. Utilizing bikes as a proactive policing technique provides officers with a “stealth” advantage because they are silent. Bikes are also less visible than a marked patrol vehicle, thus bike officers can ride right up to the scene of a crime before they are noticed.DSC_3100

Bike patrol is a great resource for the City and the Department. Officers have the ability and are encouraged to patrol on bicycles whenever possible.