Emergency Communications Center (ECC)

ECC PatchCommunication plays a vital role in the administration of any law enforcement agency.  It expedites the handling of assignments and serves as the lifeline for police officers and  fire and rescue personnel. The City of Winchester Emergency Communication Center  (ECC) communications system consists of a base station and mobile or portable units,  along with the required antennas, cables, and related items. This system is provided for  official business of the Winchester Police Department and the City of Winchester, with  the main responsibility of dispatching emergency service personnel. The ECC maintains  a twenty-four hour enhanced 911 system and on-line communications with the Virginia  Criminal Information Network (VCIN) and the National Criminal Information Center  (NCIC). All radio operations are conducted in accordance with Federal Communications  Commission (FCC) as well as Commonwealth of Virginia requirements.

The Emergency Communications Center is staffed by an ECC director, ECC supervisors,  and ECC specialists. ECC duties and responsibilities include operating radio equipment  with multiple channels to receive reports and complaints; dispatching mobile law  enforcement and fire and rescue units; maintaining the location and status of all mobile  units at any given time; operating a multi-line telephone center to receive information,  complaints, and requests for assistance; operating twenty-four hour computer terminals to  extract information from databases regarding vehicles, items or persons, criminal  histories, etc. as requested by department personnel; and assisting walk-in customers to  the Timbrook Public Safety Center.

Scheduled tours are welcome.  Please call Erin Elrod at the following non-emergency number to request a scheduled tour: (540) 662-4131.