Heroin Action Committee Meets

On average every nine days someone in our area dies from a heroin overdose.  The statistics show that heroin is an epidemic in our community and efforts are being made to combat the deadly addiction.  This morning a Heroin Action Committee meeting was held at the Timbrook Public Safety Center.  In attendance were those who committed, during an April heroin summit at Shenandoah University, to partake in designing and executing a plan to address the problem.  There were 23 people in attendance representing law enforcement, parents, educators, treatment professionals, legislators, businesses, health care providers, and the court system.  Each person in attendance shared their goals for the committee and what role they will play.  The group decided to form three subcommittees; funding, best practices, and community outreach.  The subcommittees will meet in the coming month and work to identify partner organizations in our area with similar efforts, identify funding opportunities, and research model programs in other communities throughout the nation.  The action committee will once again meet as a whole in July.  Today’s meeting lasted about 90 minutes.

The Heroin Action Committee is passionate about designing a plan to treat heroin addicts, educate the community, and reduce the number of people dying from overdoses.