Police Career Opportunities – Application Process


The Winchester Police Department would like to thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our department. The Winchester Police Department wants to see you succeed in your goal of being selected as a member of our department. The hiring process is your first hurdle in reaching your goal of becoming a Winchester Police Officer. Below are the steps in the hiring process that an applicant must complete to be considered for employment with the Winchester Police Department.

The entire application process may take several months to finalize. As you complete each phase, you will receive notification advising you of your status and the requirements of the next process. If you have any question concerning these procedures, contact our administrative office for assistance.


You will have to connect to and use the City of Winchester online application process. At the end of your application, you can attach additional files to your application, such as a résumé, cover letter, reference list, copies of your licenses or certifications. Once your online application has been successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation message immediately on your computer screen. Your application will be forwarded to the Police Department when the posting closes. Applications that are received after the closing date, or that are not complete, will not be forwarded to the Police Department. Your application will then be reviewed and the best qualified applicants will be selected for interviews. If you are selected for an interview, Human Resources will call you, and the online status of your application will show “Selected for interview.” If you are not selected for an interview, you will not be contacted and the online status of your application will show “No longer under consideration.”


If you are chosen to participate in the written and physical assessments, the police applicant will arrive at the Timbrook Public Safety Center on their scheduled testing date and be on time. Please be dressed in weather appropriate running/jogging attire.


Click Here to view the physical fitness assessment instructional video.

The requirements for the physical fitness assessment are as follows:

1. Vertical jump
2. 1 repetition bench press
3. Number of sit-ups performed in 1 minute
4. 300 meter run
5. Number of push-ups completed in 1 minute
6. 1.5 mile run

The minimum acceptable passing level for each test is:

1.Vertical jump – 14 inches
2. 1 repetition bench press – 71% of the participant’s body weight
3. Number of sit-ups performed in 1 minute – minimum of 25
4. 300 meter run – completed in a minimum of 75 seconds
5. Number of push-ups completed in 1 minute – minimum of 19
6. 1.5 mile run – completed in 16:55 minutes

The written examination for Police Officer is designed to measure the knowledge, ability, and aptitude that an individual must possess to be successful in the job. The written examination is utilized to determine an applicant’s eligibility to continue in the selection process.

After completion of both tests, an eligibility list will be established. The top candidates will then move on to Step 3 of the hiring process.


An interview date and time will be scheduled depending on availability of personnel.

The oral interview panel typically consists of two or more individuals from with the Police Department and up to two civilians from City Administration.


After the oral interview a list will be prepared of those applicants that will move onto the polygraph phase.

The applicant will be contacted by a Polygraph Examiner to arrange a date and time for the polygraph. After the polygraph the results will be evaluated and a decision will be made if the applicant will continue to the next step in the process.


This process can take up to four weeks and longer depending on the number of applicants.

After the background is complete a report will be submitted to the Deputy Chief. The file will then be forwarded to the Chief of Police.

The Chief of Police will then review the information that has been provided and make a recommendation to hire or not to hire and forward the file to the City Administration department for review.

Conditional Job Offer – Applicants who were recommended for hire will then be scheduled to complete a psychological and medical physical. If the psychological and physical are not completed satisfactorily the job offer will be voided.


Applicants will be required to undergo a psychological evaluation.


The applicant will have to submit to a medical examination and a drug screening. The applicant will also be required to pass a color blind and a vision test.


After all of the aforementioned requirements have been met, the Personnel Director will forward the recommendation to the City Manager. Once the City Manager approves the recommendation, the Deputy Chief contacts the applicant to inform them of their status.

An applicant can be terminated during any stage of this process.

For recruitment questions please contact:
Lt. Rob Bower
Winchester Police Department