School Resource Officers

In 1998, the Winchester Police Department, Winchester Public Schools, along with the community, and other school based organizations partnered to implement a School Resource Officer (SRO) Program. The SRO Program is designed to increase positive attitudes towards law enforcement, encourage more cooperation among students and citizens. The goal of the SRO Program is to reduce juvenile crime, including violence and substance abuse, through education, counseling, and officer involvement. School Resource Officers will be available to teach students about the legal system, help students develop a better appreciation of citizen’s rights, obligations, and responsibilities provide assistance and support for victims of crimes identified within the school and community.

Current school assignments are as follows:

Rusty David

Master Patrol Officer R.B. David
Daniel Morgan Middle School – Full time assignment

Charlotte Dehart Virginia Avenue Elementary School
Garland Quarles Elementary School


Nancy Mellott

Corporal N.K. Mellott
John Handley High School – Full time assignment

John Kerr Elementary School
Frederick Douglass Elementary School


Officers can at reached by their respective school or by calling the Winchester Police Department at (540) 662-4131.